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HP to firms: Rethink virtualization

Posted on: February 24, 2009

By Anna Valmero
First Posted 09:06:00 10/22/2008

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MAKATI CITY, Philippines – Adoption of virtualization is rising worldwide. The Asia-Pacific market alone is predicted to hit $1.35 billion, HP said citing a report from Springbard Research.

Virtualization allows businesses to consolidate the number of servers it operates say from 42 to 12 smaller devices. This allows businesses to operate servers with less space, less maintenance and cooling as well as low power—translating to significant cost savings. Given this, the ongoing green drive in the IT sector can benefit from virtualization.

Driving the demand for virtualization is the need to manage effectively and efficiently growing IT infrastructure across industries, HP said.

In a study by Penn, Schoen & Beland Associates commissioned by HP, it was found that 86 percent of technology decision makers have implemented virtualization projects but most are in the beginning stages.

Most of the respondents expect to have virtualized 25 percent of their technology environments by 2010, the commissioned study showed.

In relation to this, HP is encouraging technology decision-makers to rethink virtualization as way of innovation in business terms, more importantly during times of economic slowdown.

“Virtualization is a powerful step in transforming IT,” said Jim Wagstaff, vice president and general manager, StorageWorks Division, Enterprise Storage and Servers, Technology Solutions Group of HP Asia-Pacific and Japan.

In the Philippines, Wagstaff said they are eyeing market opportunities in the media, animation, banking and finance (for branch operations), healthcare deployments and the public sector.

“To do virtualization right means successfully managing and automating mixed physical and virtual environments, covering applications and operations management, infrastructure and client architectures and support services,” said Wagstaff.

Wagstaff said that aside from cutting business costs and increasing efficiency, virtualization offers better use of the company’s IT infrastructure through consolidation of assets, such as storage servers.

Wigstaff said that it is easy to understand the design principle of virtual machines because it is similar to physical machines.

A question remains: will this pose management issues as in the case of x86 servers before?

Wigstaff said: “This calls for disciplined execution of virtual machines in networks. Server administrators will play a critical role here. They must understand how virtual and physical servers are alike in operation to help reduce unmanaged islands of virtual machines, which when increased can balloon up operation costs.”

HP’s latest portfolio support business needs across desktops to data centers thus the two-pronged strategy to serve client and infrastructure architectures, said Wigstaff.

For client solutions, HP aims to maximize end-user security, management and experience while allowing them flexibility. For infrastructure offerings, HP aims to allow businesses maximize the business advantages of virtual environments.

Added Wagstaff, “Now is the time for virtualization, which will define the way technology will be deployed over the next several years.”

Seeking to help organizations optimize the benefits of virtualization, HP Philippines has launched several new blade server solutions for small, medium and large businesses.


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