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HP transforms data protection

Posted on: February 25, 2009

By Anna Valmero
First Posted 16:59:00 09/24/2008

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MANILA, Philippines — In a bid to help address the needs for data protection among enterprise, medium and small businesses, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has launched disk-based back-up solutions it claims will reduce data storage costs and secure business critical data.

“Data protection today is more important than ever,” said Humprey Sy, StorageWorks Division manager, Technology Solutions Group of HP Southeast-Asia. “The explosive growth of digital data requires smart solutions that can transform and enhance data protection while reducing floor space and power consumption.”

Market research analyst IDC reported that the total available digital data hit 281 billion gigabytes in 2007.

One key to HP’s latest solutions is data “deduplication” technology, a method that eliminates redundant data from a disk storage device to lower storage space requirements.

“Compared to incremental duplication which provides backup for a whole data file, data deduplication divides a single file into blocks, identifies if each block has a back-up in the storage and duplicates blocks without back-up yet. For duplicated data blocks or those with back-up copies already, the solution creates pointers to their location, thus removing redundant blocks from the disk volume,” explained Sy.

What are the benefits of data deduplication?

“First, it increases the effective capacity for storing back-up data,” said Sy. He said that by avoiding duplication of data with available back-up copies in the storage system, there is more free space that enables users to stretch the storage capacity to accommodate other data that needs back-up.

“Another advantage of data deduplication is longer data retention on disks, allowing system savings from a high-capacity single-solution device versus low-capacity solutions,” Sy added. “Moreover, it enables more data restores and faster data recoveries for clients.”

HP said its array of solutions aims to address different markets with specific needs for data protection.

“We provided different solutions that will fit the needs of each customer because we believe that ‘one size does not fit all’ and each customer requires a specific solution,” said Sy.

For large enterprise customers that focus on protecting huge data without compromise on performance and maximum scalability, HP developed the accelerated deduplication technology found in its Virtual Library Systems series: VLS600, VLS900 and VLS1200. Meanwhile, the D2D2500 and D2D4000 with dynamic deduplication are priced 45 percent less than competing solutions to cater remote office and midsize commercial business concerned with affordability and ease-of-use. HP also released removable disk back-up systems with 160 and 320 gigabyte capacities targeted at micro and small business users who need to store data off-site.


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