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Comelec explains eligibility term

Posted on: April 8, 2009

Comelec explains eligibility term

By Anna Valmero
First Posted 11:47:00 04/08/2009

Filed Under: Elections, Technology (general)

MANILA, Philippines—The Commission on Elections (Comelec) Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC) has clarified the eligibility term regarding previous contract requirements of bidders for the poll automation project, an official said.

For vendors to join the public bidding on April 27, they should either have a single largest contract worth P5,611,809,200 or three similar contracts with an aggregate amount equal to P5.6 billion entered into during the last three years specifically, on or after March 14, 2006, SBAC chairman Ferdinand Rafanan said.

Quoting its resolution, the poll official noted the contract price requirement is equal to half of the P11.2 billion, adjusted to current prices using the wholesale price index with 1998 as base year.

Requirements for previous contract or contracts were made to ensure vendors could give responsive bids to the Comelec poll automation contract, said Rafanan, adding the Comelec’s project for 2010 elections is huge and requires bidders capable of implementing the nationwide project.

Originally, only bidders that have one previous contract amounting to 50 percent of the P11.2 billion project or about P5.6 billion, are eligible to join the poll automation biding.

But SBAC amended the eligibility term to prevent failure of bidding and encourage competition among bidders, Rafanan said.

For vendors adopting the criterion for three similar contracts as eligibility term, the largest of the three contracts should amount to 25 percent of Comelec’s P11.2 billion contract or P2,805,904,600 as applied with price index for single largest contract, said Rafanan.

To qualify for the bid, a single bidder or at least one member of a consortium or partnership must have been in existence for the last three years or since March 14, 2006, or earlier.

Rafanan said previous largest contract or three similar contracts should be for an automated election system or an IT project implemented nationwide or statewide and involved systems integration.

The SBAC would adopt the pass or fail criteria to determine the eligibility of bidders. Under the criteria, bidders must submit all required documents to prove their bid eligibility for the Comelec contract, said Rafanan.

“It is a big task for us to head the procurement process for the P11.2 billion automation project for the 2010 elections and the SBAC will perform its task with just and transparency,” said Rafanan in an earlier report.

For the new eligibility terms, SBAC adopted Comelec en banc Resolution No. 8593 promulgated on March 31, which quoted the Government Procurement and Policy Board Resolution No. 007-2006, according to Rafanan.

At least 10 bidders bought the bid documents from Comelec SBAC. They are:
1. Smartmatic-Total Information Management
2. Avante International Technology Inc.
3. Syrex Corp.-Scantron
4. DVS Philippines-Samsung
5. Indra Systems S.A.-Hart Intercivic-Scytl-Sahi
6. Sequoia-Universal Storefront Services Co.
7. All Data International Inc.
8. Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
9. AMA Group Holdings Corp.-Election Systems and Software International Inc.
10. Mega Data Corp.


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