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More consumers seen eyeing ‘rugged’ laptops

Posted on: July 29, 2009

More consumers seen eyeing ‘rugged’ laptops

By Anna Valmero
First Posted 16:47:00 07/29/2009

Filed Under: Technology (general), Hardware

MANILA, Philippines — Aside from mobility, durability and environment-friendly features are key selling points in today’s overcrowded laptop market, according to the top local official of Chinese PC maker Lenovo.

“Ruggedness targets a specific segment in the market while green technology is a growing trend worldwide,” said Lenovo country manager Vicky Agorilla.

Netbooks, or laptops made primarily for surfing the Internet, are arguably the most significant trend in the market today.

But Agorilla said “ruggedized” laptops are also gaining appeal on ordinary consumers. Lenovo recently introduced new models of its high-end Thinkpad T4000 notebooks.

Owing to more expensive price tags, these notebooks tend cater to more discerning and tech-savvy users.

“Today, we see more consumers eyeing them, those looking to get more ROI (return of investment) and maximize their cost of ownership,” said Agorilla.

In short, she believes there is still a good market for highly-functional models outside of netbooks.

As owners are using their laptops a lot more outside of the home or office, Agorilla said vendors like Lenovo are coming out with models that are spill-proof (to avoid damage on the laptop’s internal circuits) or can work under extreme temperatures.

Vendors are also touting environmental compliance.

“It’s not enough to have power efficient laptops but they should be able to comply with industry standards that prove products, for example, are free of arsenic or mercury that pollute the environment,” said Agorilla.


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