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Partylist groups have until March for nominees—Comelec

Posted on: December 18, 2009

Partylist groups have until March for nominees—Comelec
December 18, 2009 15:14:00
Anna Valmero

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) ruled that registered partylist groups for the 2010 elections must submit a list of nominees to the poll body and publish the names in all campaign materials, a spokesman said Friday.

The five nominees from which the partylist representatives would be elected should be submitted to the Comelec legal department no later than March 26 and must include nominees that would satisfy the minimum qualifications according to election laws, said Comelec spokesman James Jimenez.

After receiving the list, the Comelec is mandated by the Supreme Court to disclose and publish it in three national papers immediately and in turn, must also appear in all campaign materials, he added.

“It is right of the people to elect their representatives and the need to be informed on the matters that have been bearing on their choice, requires party list nominees to include the names of their nominees in campaign materials,” Jimenez said, citing the resolution.

“Previously, partylist groups only put their party names on the campaign materials so people do not know who represents the groups. To ensure transparency, we are installing this new mechanism,” said Jimenez.

The poll official added that partylist groups would be assigned numbers randomly to assist voters in remembering the group that they would want to vote for and to facilitate the printing of special ballots for automation.

A person may be nominated in one partylist – either by a sectoral party, sectoral organization, political party, and coalition – and must be a natural born Filipino citizen, a registered voter, a resident of the Philippines for a year before Election Day, able to read and write, member of the party or organization which he seeks to represent for at least 90 days preceding before election, and is at least 25 years of age on the day of the election.

For nominees of the youth sector, he or she must be at least 25-30 years old on Election Day. Any youth sectoral representative who reaches 30 during his term will be allowed to continue until his term expires.

A partylist nominee may be substituted only when he dies, becomes incapacitated to continue as such, withdraws his acceptance to a nomination or the part withdraws his nomination except for withdrawal after close of polls on Election Day. The name of the substitute shall be placed last in the list of nominees.

During the filing period for partylists from November 20 to December 1 this year, over 300 sectoral parties filed with the Comelec Secretariat manifestations of intent to participate in the 2010 elections. For the 2007 polls, Comelec received applications from around 90 groups.


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