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DoH slammed over continued distribution of condoms

Posted on: March 4, 2010

DoH slammed over continued distribution of condoms

By Anna Valmero
First Posted 12:44:00 03/04/2010

Filed Under: Health, Population, Family planning, Diseases

MANILA, Philippines – A pro-life group condemned Thursday the Department of Health (DoH) for its continuous distribution of condoms, saying these are 35 percent unreliable and that their prolonged use actually increases the risk of getting human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV).

“We condemn the Department of Health for advocating the use of condoms when they know that based on abundant scientific researches, does not prevent pregnancy and actually increases the risk of HIV, which leads to AIDS [acquired immuno deficiency syndrome] and dozens of other sexually-transmitted diseases. They are lying to the people,” said Dr. Ligaya Acosta, executive director of Human Life International – Pro-Life Missionaries to the World for Asia and Oceana, who worked previously with DoH for over 28 years.

Condoms made of latex have pores or holes which is big enough for the entry of sperm cells and HIV and other diseases, said Acosta.

“A latex condom has a hole measuring 5 microns [a micron is one thousandth of a millimeter] and it is big enough to allow the entry of sperm that measures 2.5 microns and HIV which is 450 times smaller than the condom’s pore. How can the condom if it is not an effective against preventing pregnancy, help in halting the spread of HIV-AIDS,” said Acosta.

The former DoH director for natural family planning said that latex condoms, which contained spermicide, could cause irritation and wounds on the skin, which facilitates the entry of HIV into the body.

“According to the study of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health on Condom Effectiveness, condoms contain spermicide chemicals which cause irritation and lacerations in the skin, which in turn facilitate HIV entry into the body,” said Acosta.

“Aside from that, use of condoms has a failure rate of 15-35 percent either by slippage or breakage and prolonged usage, actually increases HIV cases,” said Acosta, who cited Thailand which implemented a 100 percent condom use program that resulted in over 1.3 million HIV cases today, up from 112 cases in 1987.

By promoting the use of condoms, even among non-married couples, Acosta said DoH was actually paving the way for the increase of HIV-AIDS cases in the country, which she dubbed as a depopulation strategy veiled under the Reproductive Health program.

Acosta also slammed the plans of the DoH in distributing contraceptive oral pills soon, because she said it resulted in 60 health issues among users, most notably breast, cervical and liver cancer, aside from increased blood clotting.

Asked what measures they would recommend to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, Acosta said “abstinence until marriage and being faithful to your partner.”

“Abstinence is the only foolproof way of preventing the spread of HIV-AIDS and maintaining a monogamous relationship, being faithful to your partner,” said Acosta.


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